Precision Systems Transformation
– Epigenetics at scale.


Systems change requires robust planning and precise action, be it the human system, a corporation, governing body or the greater environmental ecosystem. Cultural epigenetics combined with complex systems thinking provides a first ever opportunity for wide scale global transformation.

Focus Areas

Precision Performance Design

As a HUMAN SYSTEMS DESIGNER, I guide human systems integration as the prime directive for creative expansion. When WE are the focus and aligned with our full expression, life becomes LIMITLESS.

Corporate Consultant

As a MASTER STRATEGIST, I work with conscious leadership teams to tap into the power of group coherence for rapid culture transformation.

Global Change Advocate

As a SACRED ACTIVIST, I partner with Global Leaders to design complex systems precision strategies to transform systems and drive policy reform.

Foundation Work

As a WARRIOR SAGE, I lead a global movement for PTSD Resolution. Our mission is to educate and restore wholeness to the human system following traumatizing military experiences.